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Why Reading Aloud to Children Is Important


Hearing stories has always been an important part of humankind. Reading stories to children aloud offers more benefits than entertainment, and story time goes beyond child care.

Acceleration Academy, a Children Development Center in Sunnyvale, California listed the benefits of reading aloud to children:

  • Development of language and cognitive skills
    The more words children hear, the more words they learn. The mental stimulation of reading aloud also helps them learn how to read on their own as well as improve their visual imagery and comprehension.
  • Fosters a closer child-caregiver relationship
    Reading aloud to children during bedtime provides the opportunity for both parent and child to create a bond. It creates a physical and emotional closeness that could strengthen the connection between a parent and their child.
  • Help children learn socialization and problem-solving
    Story time often provides children character references that they can relate to and learn how to deal with difficult situations. Aside from that, with the language skills they develop, they are able to communicate better and use their words to describe their feelings and emotions.
  • Ease problem behaviors and manage anxiety better
    Reading to children at an early age can help curb problem behaviors. The time spent with children gives parents the opportunities to help them learn how to control their behaviors.
  • Improve children’s educational experience
    The more children’s language skills are developed, the wider their vocabulary becomes. Thus, setting them up for academic success. The more language they hear, the better they perform in school.

These are only some of the benefits of reading aloud sessions in our preschool in California for children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Do you know of other benefits of reading to children? Let us know!

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