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Preschool and A Child’s Early Life Development


Preschool can be one of the most difficult periods of a young child’s life. At their young age, learning new things at a rapid pace can be an unbearably daunting task, especially with the things they are learning being generally unfamiliar concepts. Nevertheless, preschool maintains itself as an incredibly crucial point in a child’s development. It allows them to learn about what they would want to become in the future, even if their dreams at this stage are more dreams than reality. The decisions they are allowed to make at this stage will inevitably condition their minds in preparation for adulthood.

One thing that would separate a normal preschool from a quality one would be the amount of emphasis given on child care. Having kids learn in a non-learning conducive environment would not lead to a well-educated and well-learned child, and might even cause harm rather than good.

Acceleration Academy is a premiere children development center in Sunnyvale, California. We believe that children are competent, capable learners. We offer a well-balanced educational curriculum rich with music, art, movement, and nature. All of the preschool teachers have college degrees and backgrounds working with children.

If you are looking for the perfect preschool in California, then please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website. We will be very happy to meet and connect with you about your child’s future.

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