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Practical Ways to Develop the Love of Reading in Your Child


No doubt about it, reading regularly can do wonders in your child’s development, expanding their imagination and the world around them.

That said, while some children will gravitate towards reading naturally, there are those who may need a nudge or two.

We know this as a children development center in Sunnyvale, California at Acceleration Academy that is why we are listing down some tips you can use to instill the love for reading in your children:

  • Start with their interests
    Which cartoon or fictional character are they into right now? Take advantage of their current interest by introducing them to books and literature related to their favorite.
  • Lead by example
    When your child sees you enjoy reading, chances are they would want to join you. Remember, you are your child’s first teacher so take advantage by leading by example.
  • Turn reading time into a routine
    Ideal for children who have started to love reading, making the activity a habit can help foster their love for it while also giving you the opportunity to bond.
  • Don’t force them
    Forcing your child will only make them associate reading with punishment or something negative. Let them find their way into their love for reading while encouraging them as they go.

We have made sure that our learning environment and childhood education programs in our preschool in California are designed to foster your children’s love for reading. Know more about how we do this by getting in touch with us.

For more child care tips like these, be sure to check back next time.

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