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Is Dancing Beneficial for Children?


Aside from the fun that it brings, more parents are seeing how dance can affect a child’s physical and cognitive development.

As a children development center in California, we are constantly improving our knowledge of what benefits children the most. So, allow us to share our discoveries on the benefits of dance in children.

  • It can improve their physical health.

    As a form of exercise, it increases a child’s overall health and wellness. Their strength, stamina, and flexibility are enhanced. Plus, it can help them become better at other activities such as sports.

  • It can enhance their emotional development.

    Dance creates a platform for children to channel their emotions and express themselves in a safe environment. This can help them mature emotionally and build confidence.

  • It can enhance their cognitive development.

    It allows them to learn about time management and self-discipline. They will need to balance dance classes together with school tasks, extracurricular activities, and social life, among others.

    It can encourage creativity. No matter what dance style, dance teaches children to become more creative so that they can properly express themselves in a lot of ways. It builds their imagination and lets them learn to think critically.

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