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Fun Learning Games for Your Three-Year-Old

fun-learning-games-for-your-three-year-oldAges three to five are the best years to jump-start your mini me’s brain ability. They are incredibly curious about their surroundings, plus they absorb information like sponges.

So it’s only natural that you would want to support your little one’s brain development every step of the way. Acceleration Academy is here to share a few fun activities that can help.

  • Parent-child time
    While it is important for your child to learn independence, quality time with a parent is still a crucial part of brain development.

    The simple exchange of language and ideas can be better than some mainstream brain-building activities you see in child care.
  • Reading
    Reading to and with your child often helps encourage early literacy. They will be able to develop their vocabulary quicker, sharpen their comprehension skills, and put them ahead of other little ones in their preschool in California.

    Plus, seeing their parents reading will also encourage healthy reading and study habits.
  • Storytelling
    Children love to tell stories just as much as they love to hear them. Encourage your little one to tell you stories and make it more fun and meaningful by writing everything down and creating a colorful storybook together.

    Not only will you form a deeper bond with your little one, but they will also develop valuable communication skills that will help them navigate through school and their future adult life.

Learn more about brain-developing activities for your little one by giving our children development center in Sunnyvale, California a call at 408-732-2200.

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