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Free Play and Its Benefits in Children


When we talk about play as in the universal language of children, we usually mean activities such as sports, swimming lessons, and other structured activities where an adult is facilitating. However, another type of play in the form of free play or unstructured play is equally as important.

This child-initiated activity is crucial for many reasons. That is why, as your trusted children development center in Sunnyvale, California, we are sharing them with you. Take a look below.

  • Free play fosters independent thinking
    Without an adult supervising the play, children are compelled to entertain themselves and come up with decisions on their own.
  • Free play enhances social skills
    Conflict resolution and cooperation are important skills gained by allowing children to work on their own with their peers.
  • Free play teaches self-regulation
    Because free play lets children decide on what to do and how to do things, they are faced with more situations where they have to behave and react well to get along well with others and arrive at a common goal.
  • Free play offers a different way of leaning things
    Children do not only learn in classrooms, but they can also acquire knowledge by playing by themselves or with their peers unsupervised.

At Acceleration Academy, we offer free play as part of our child care and early childhood education curriculum.

We also offer music and drama, arts and crafts, and reading and speaking classes, among others, in our preschool in California to encourage holistic development.

Enroll your child with us today! For inquiries, please send us a message.

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