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Forms of Art You Can Introduce Your Child With


Art helps in the development of a child. It helps in developing their creativity, problem-solving skills, and appreciation for different forms of art found around the world. They can already be introduced to art as early as their preschool years.

As a provider of STEM education in Sunnyvale, California, we list the forms of art that you can introduce your child to:

  • Visual Arts

    Visual arts are art forms to be appreciated by sight, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. This type of art is easily the most familiar art form in the world. Culture, history, emotions, and opinions can be expressed through this art form.

  • Music and Instruments

    Learning music and musical instruments is fun. It is social and engaging, allowing your child to interact with others. It also develops the child’s talents, passion, and even cognitive functioning. Children can be introduced to music and musical instruments as early as three. If you wish for your child to be trained in music or musical instruments, you may enroll your child in a beginners program.

  • Literature

    The literary arts include stories, poetry, novels, prose, and comics. Literature helps develop a child’s language skills and other critical thinking skills. The literary arts spark the imagination and curiosity of a child, as well as improve their concentration and social skills. If you decide that your child should be assisted professionally, we suggest looking for a childhood education provider.

  • Theater Arts

    Theater art is a collaborative art form that combines literature, music, dance, and art. Individuals who partake in theater arts can do activities like acting, scriptwriting, dancing, singing, directing, filming, and more. This art form opens up new experiences for your child, allowing them to be introduced to different perspectives.

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