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Encouraging Children to Read

encouraging-children-to-readReading for fun is one of the most wonderful experiences for children and adults alike, and there are numerous benefits to having young children develop a reading habit early.

Reading skills are a must to excel academically. Through reading, children can also improve their ability to focus, their critical thinking skills, and their vocabulary.

The right preschool in California can help your child develop a love for reading. But as a parent, you must work towards this goal too, by doing the following:

  • Read to and with your child every day. By spending time reading with your child every day, you will help make reading a fun habit for him or her. Then your child will learn to see reading as an enjoyable and essential part of the day.
  • Take your child to the library to attend storytelling sessions with other kids and their parents. Seeing other children having fun listening to stories, may encourage your child to read more. You can help your child choose picture books to bring home and read too.
  • Let your child register for reading-related activities in the child care center or preschool he or she attends. Early education centers usually offer a variety of extracurricular activities from arts and crafts sessions to cooking classes. Reading and storytelling activities are also popular.

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