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A Guide to Raising Optimistic Children


As a provider of preschool education, we recommend that children are taught how to be optimistic. With this, we hope they grow to be optimistic, resilient, and able to think of solutions.

So, as a children development center in California, what do we recommend so we can raise an optimistic child? Here are some tips:

  • First, be role models of optimism and let them be surrounded by optimistic individuals. Children take after the adults who take care of them. If they see us as positive individuals, they will slowly copy this positivity and make it part of their selves.
  • Second, boost their self-esteem and confidence. Keep on motivating and encouraging them.
  • Third, teach them to express their negative thoughts and feelings healthily. Just because we want them to grow positively doesn’t mean we should ignore their negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and insights. Instead, we should be there to guide them on understanding, coping, and resolving them.
  • Fourth, make sure they are realistic, too. Optimism should be paired with realism. A child should still be hopeful but can still see the reality, the bad and the ugly. This will strengthen their optimistic self while having a realistic mentality.

At Acceleration Academy, we care more than a child’s physical and cognitive development. We care that they become morally, psychologically, and emotionally developed and healthy individuals. It is one of our ways of helping prepare them for the world and their future.

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